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Science: Collaborative Personalised TV Programming

Collaborative Personalised TV Programming

The intent with the system presented here is to allow the viewers to get on-demand TV adapted to their personal preferences. The design is created as to limit the need of the scarce resource of broadcast bandwidth. The critical element in the system is the preference engines, which have to be able to learn to identify which preferences of other viewers (and publishers) corresponds with the viewer's preferences.

Papers and presentations

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Collaborative Personalised TV Programming
Presentation from the AXMEDIS 2006 conference
Collaborative Personalised TV Programming
Scientific paper about the system.
Collaborative Personalised TV Programming
The original introduction to the system. Gives some usage scenarios.


Review collaboration networks
We look at how the network of information exchange organises itself in a collaborative review system. Different dynamical models are considered. Their relative efficiencies are evaluated experimentally, and we attempt to construct a measure which corresponds to the experimental results.

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